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Frequently Asked Questions
[Q] What is the main aim of AUCTIONVENUES?
[A] We aim to provide a central portal containing all manner of Online & Traditional Auctions that will enable visitors to quickly locate detailed information.

[Q] Can I add my Auction Website?
[A] YES. In general terms advertising your site on as many search engines as possible is always beneficial and more so if that advertising is FREE or low cost.

[Q] Why should I list my site on AUCTIONVENUES?
[A] You should always try to drive additional targeted traffic to your website. It is clear that you can substantially increase the number of bids you generate by increasing the number of people who see your site or visit your auction. Cost effective advertising is needed and you can't get more cost effective than the two listing options we have available.

[Q] What is a reciprocal link?
[A] Reciprocal links are arranged when two web sites agree to link to each other. Also known as "link swaps", "link exchanges" and "link partners". Whilst our Basic Listing is FREE we do require that you add a simple link back to us - this will be beneficial to both websites. You can choose to add either a simple text link or a small icon to your website and full information on how to do this can be found on our Links Page.

[Q] What if I don't add a reciprocal link back?
[A] If you have selected a Basic Listing and don't add the link back then your site will not be accepted into the directory. In addition our system will automatically spider your site and will remove listings from the directory that fail to maintain a link back to us.

[Q] I want to add a auction site but don't want to add a link back?
[A] We offer an enhanced paid listing within the directory called a Sponsored Listing - you are not required to add a link back with this option.

[Q] What is a Sponsored Listing?
[A] By creating a Sponsored Listing you can further promote your website & services. Sponsored listings are displayed in rotation in a very prominent position. Sponsored Listings have various additional features not available to Basic Listings and sponsorship is available in cost effective six month packages. Secure online Credit/Debit card Payment via Paypal is required.

[Q] What is the difference between a Basic Listing & a Sponsored Listing?
[A] You can see the difference between the two listing options by Clicking Here.

[Q] I have more than one website can I list them all?
[A] YES. However each site must have its own domain name and the same terms & conditions apply to all the sites listed.

[Q] Can I list the same website in different categories?
[A] NO. Websites can only be listed in one category.

[Q] I have other non auction related websites can I list them?
[A] No. This service is specifically designed for auction sites/auction companies. For additional advertising requirements please send us an email using the Contact Us form.

[Q] Are payments to AUCTIONVENUES secure?
[A] YES! All payments are processed securely by Paypal - probably the largest online payment provider in the world. We do not have access to any of your financial information and do not see your Credit/Debit card information.

[Q] What is Automated Billing?
[A] To reduce administration costs we utilise Paypal's Automated billing feature for our Sponsored Listings. All payments are automatically processed securely by Paypal at renewal time. Should you wish to cancel your Sponsored Listing then you can do so at any time up until renewal by visiting Paypal and cancelling your subscription to AUCTIONVENUES.

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